Fed up with the company´s excuses, since Friday Sept. 17th, the workers at

Congeladora del Rio have set up a picket line outside their plant to demand

a fair contract.

On July 15 of 1999, 200 workers, the majority women and young teenage

girls, went on strike demanding a settlement of their contract. The Mexican

Federal Board of Conciliation and Arbitration decided to table the demands

of the strikers, leaving the workers without the legal protection which

Mexican labor law mandates to striking workers.

The workers union, which is affiliated with the Frente Autentico del

Trabajo (FAT), demands legal protection for its striking workers.

The strikers, who are suffering economicly, are frustrated with the

behavior of the company and its representativeses. Hence, two workers have

made the decision to sit outside the factory gaits until the contract is

signed. The rest of the workers are also picketing at different hours.

The company, once again, has called on the police to intervene and use

force if necessary. The police immediatley responded to the call of the

company by sending armed guards to watch over and thus intimidate workers

with their presence.

The strikers ask; why does the company insist on denying the right of

workers to have an independent union, to have collective bargaining rights,

and the right to strike? Why does Congeladora del Rio continue to pay

miserable salaries and utilize child labor?

The company has recently bused in 25 workers from another town, the

majority underage females, to cross the picket line and work at Congeladoa

del Rio.

Given that Congeladora is a U.S. based company, the FAT is seeking

international support. We ask that you send an e-mail, fax, and/or phone to

Arthur Price who is President of Global Trading Inc. which owns Congeladora

del Rio. Ask him to sign the contract with the workers at Congeladore del

Rio and to stop his direspectful treatment of Mexican workers, especially

women and children.

Arthur Price

< >.

fax: (864) 234-5815

tel: (864) 288-7332

Please send a copy of your e-mail to Arthur Prices´ representatives in

Mexico at:

< > and

< >.

We also ask that you send a message to the local government in Mexico

asking that Mexican labor law recognize the strike at Congeladora del Rio.

Send e-mails to Govenor Ramon Martin Huerta and Lic. Antonio Obreson

Padilla. Their e-mail is the same at:

< >.

fax: (011 47) 31-12-55 ; (011 47) 31-12-96

Thank you compañeros, your solidarity is not taken for granted.